Asking for help is brave. Entering therapy shows motivation to heal and grow, often at a time when one feels most vulnerable . My approach to those seeking help through my practice is one of warmth and respect. I try to create an environment where clients feel free to discuss any problem. I believe therapy should occur in the context of a trusting relationship. In my view the positive connection between therapist and client is essential to success.

While I believe that our past experiences inform our present, I do not believe that we are defined or limited by our past. Challenging symptoms can arise as we try our best to cope with experiences from our past and present lives. Sometimes clients need help understanding the issues underlying their symptoms and finding new strategies to manage the resultant thoughts, feelings and body sensations.

I help clients alleviate problematic symptoms by using a variety of psychological frameworks and techniques, including dynamic therapy, parts work, cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR. My approach is integrative. The ultimate goal is to help each individual find solutions and a way of life that works for them.

After finishing my bachelors degree in psychology at Cornell University in 1989, my masters in social work at Bryn Mawr College in 1992 and my doctorate in counseling psychology at Temple University in 1998, I had the opportunities to work in a variety of clinical settings which have given me a broad view of the world of mental health. These settings have included inpatient hospitals, community mental health centers, day treatment centers, and college counseling settings. These experiences led me to private practice in Brookline, MA in 2002.

My specialties include working with clients struggling with disordered eating and clinical eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, loss and difficult life transitions. I have had the great opportunity to participate in the growth and healing of many clients over the course of my years as a clinician. I consider myself lucky to be in this profession and am repeatedly inspired by my clients and this work.